Can You Play Laser Tag at Home? (10+ Blasters Evaluated)

Laser tag can be played in the safety of the indoors, or in even more open spaces like your backyard.

Besides, many blasters are specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor play, such as the Laser X Double Sports Blaster, and the Nerf Official: Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-pack. Some such as the ArmoGear Rechargeable comes with ACCURACY SCOPES for further precision indoors (to avoid signals bouncing off the walls).

Read on to find out more on what you need to play at home.

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What You Need to Play Laser Tag Indoors

It’s easy to set up a game of laser tag indoors… all you need is the right equipment.

First, you need to get a blaster set that is suitable for indoor games.

Second, is the environment. A big room is recommended as it’s easier to run around, or just simply move around your furniture to create space for easier movement. And a bit of darkness (covering up the windows partially can do that) allows you to see the colored LEDs on the gun better – recreating the experience of laser tag facilities.

Finally, you can get phasers with accuracy scopes. These can help prevent infrared beams bouncing off the walls.

Laser Tag Guns That You Can Use Indoors

Here’s a list of 10+ blasters that work indoors or outdoors:

– ArmoGear Rechargeable Laser Tag Guns & Vests Set of 4

– Laser X Double Sports Blaster

– Nerf Official: Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-pack

– kolegend blaster set

– Kidzlane blaster

– Squad Hero – Rechargeable Set + Innovative LCDs and Sync – 4 Infrared Guns &4 Vests

– POKONBOY Guns with Vests, Set with Carry Case – 4 Gun Modes – (Set of 4)

– Kidpal – Upgraded Blasters Gun Toys with Vest (Set of 4)

– Best Choice Products Set of 4

– HISTOYE Sets with Vest (Sets of 4)

– MESIXI – Guns with Vests (Set of 4)

– DYNASTY TOYS Set – 4 Blasters – Transparent Special Edition

– USA Toyz Toy Guns – set of 2 – (Black and Red)  

– VATOS Infrared Set with Vests (set of 4)

– TINOTEEN Set with Vests Guns Set for 4 Players

– ComTec Sets with Gun and Vest (2 Pack)

You can find these phasers on Amazon.

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How to Play Laser Tag at Home?

You can buy a toy gun and some targets that will automatically reset themselves when hit. You could then use walls or furniture to represent different obstacles during gameplay.

If your home is large enough, you could get more creative and install special lights on the ceiling of certain rooms where they’re most needed for kids to feel like they’re really playing in a laser arena.

How to Play Laser Tag in Your Backyard?

Here, you could use fence posts or wooden stakes to mark up your backyard into several square blocks that represent different parts of the laser arena.

There are also inflatable obstacle courses you could buy for this purpose, but these might take up too much space in a small yard.

You could also just use trees and bushes as obstacles!

Features of Laser Tag Guns That Work Well at Home

Phasers that can be used at home or indoors typically have a weaker “laser” than those meant for outdoor use. Often, they come with sensors on them that will make the gun vibrate when hit, so you don’t need to keep an eye on a scoreboard. This makes them perfect for home use.

In addition, these guns sport a reduced range, usually around 100 feet. This means that you will have to be much closer to your opponent in order to hit him or her. For this reason, they are not the best option if you wish for an outdoor experience.

The guns you want to use at home are typically smaller than their outdoor counterparts, so they are easier to carry around and aim.

If you wish for something that is perfect for the office or even if you’re just looking to entertain your kids, blasters that work well in small spaces are a great option. Just be sure to avoid using them outdoors, where they will be outclassed by more powerful models.

A great thing about blasters that work well at home is that no setup is required. All you need to do to start playing with them is turn them on and, if they come with vests, put batteries in those as well.

In other words, phasers that work well at home are a great choice if you want an easy and quick way to experience a laser tag game without investing a lot of money in it.

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