How to Cheat at Laser Tag (Without Breaking the Rules)

If you really want to know how to cheat at laser tag (legally), you’ll have to do some very counterintuitive things like looking sideways, shutting your eye briefly, or using sunglasses. Yes, it sounds crazy, but it can give you an edge in dark indoor laser tag games.

Here’s a detailed description of how to do it.

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The Cheat Sheet: How Do You Dominate Laser Tag?

If you want a cheat sheet to dominate indoor laser tag, here it is.

One of the most powerful advantages you can have is to get better vision than other competitors in dark indoor arenas. And here are a few effective ways to improve night vision:

How to Cheat at Laser Tag: Look Sideways

It may seem counterintuitive, but this is based on scientific fact. provides a very clear explanation of how this works:

“Our retina contains two types of photoreceptor cells: rod and cone… As the rods are concentrated around our retina, to use them effectively, try not to look directly at something you want to see. Instead, slightly avert your eyes and glance by sideways. This way, you will be using more rods.”

How to Cheat at Laser Tag: Shut Your Eye Briefly

While everyone is straining their eyes and even trying to open their eyes wider, you can achieve far better sight by doing the opposite. This is especially useful when bright lights hit your eyes in the dark, as stated by

“…Dr. Roach recommends his patients briefly close their left eye to prevent the temporary blindness associated with seeing bright light at night.”

How to Cheat at Laser Tag: Use Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses before you venture into a dark arena can help you adjust to the darkness beforehand, so you hit the ground running when the game starts. How this mechanism works is clearly explained by

“A few hours of bright sun can add 10 minutes to the time it takes for dark adaptation. Several days of bright sun can further reduce night vision. Gray or red tinted lenses are best. Wear sunglasses regularly and at least 20-30 minutes before venturing in the dark.”

And here are a few other simple ideas you can apply during the game:

What Are the Rules of Laser Tag?

When you have a clear understanding of how the game is played, you’ll be better able to identify hidden opportunities that you can take advantage of.

Here is an excerpt of a conversation we had about the topic with Patrick who runs a laser tag business (you’ll definitely benefit from his long history managing hundreds of laser tag sessions):

I’ve seen videos of kids shooting that laser tag gun and it’s as if they’re just shooting randomly and every second you just hear the trigger clicking. Is that how they play it?

Yes, exactly, that is how they play.

Okay, maybe you might explain to me a scenario of someone playing let’s say with the Phoenix. I’m trying to get to understand like how or where someone gets the enjoyment. Like how is it different from maybe let’s say the paintball or the water gun or maybe the actual Nerf guns (those Nerf guns which have those pellets). Can you tell me how they play it?

Okay, well, how the game goes…now let’s say you’re a group of 10 for example. So we take down your names, we put you into teams, we put those names into the system, we find each of you a gun and we agree which game you will play for the duration. Then you go to the arena. The game starts… you know there’s a referee… you start firing.

Now the normal game we’ll do is a death match. Basically, you have a certain amount of lives. So for the Nerf gun you have I believe it was nine lives. So when you’re shot nine times then you’re out. And each time you’re shot, it indicates to you that your lives are going down. When you’re on your last life you have to be careful or you’ll soon be out. Then you step out when you lose your lives and the people who still have lives are busy playing until either the last person is standing or the last team is standing.

When you come out of the game, now you can get scored. Maybe you were eliminated early but shot fifteen people so you have the highest score for accuracy. It’s very competitive.

Besides the game play as described by Patrick, there are also general safety rules which you must always follow.

Several key rules indicated by, include:

  1. Obey the attendants’ instructions
  2. Don’t run, climb or crawl
  3. No physical contact allowed or using foul language
  4. Keep both of your hands on the blaster/ phaser always
  5. Don’t block your vest sensors
  6. No Bullying allowed

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How Do You Always Win in Laser Tag?

If you want a cheatsheet to always win and never lose, that may not be possible.

However, you can apply a few strategies that dramatically increase your chances of winning. Here are some key ideas for both adults and kids from

  1. Keep moving to make it harder for opponents to tag you
  2. Stay low when moving so that you don’t stand out J
  3. Blend in by avoiding brightly colored clothes
  4. Learn the arena and take advantage of hidden spots
  5. Keep shooting to increase your chances of hitting the target

Get a Higher Quality Blaster

Regardless of the tactics you use, if you don’t have a good quality blaster, you’ll probably lose every time.

Therefore, if you’re playing at home, make sure to get the best quality blaster.

Here is a list of some that have good reviews on Amazon (we have indicated the exact product labels so that you can easily search for them on the site):

  1. “kidpal Infrared Laser Tag, Upgraded Blasters Gun Toys with Vest Infrared Battle Mega Pack Set of 4 Indoor and Outdoor, Group Activity Fun for Kids Age 6 7 8 9 10 11 12+ Boys Girls”
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Upgrade or Modify Your Blaster

If you can’t buy a new blaster, why not just simply add or replace some components within the one you have.

You might get an extra advantage by adding high quality components that are even better than the original ones that came with your tagger. Check out Laserwar for some useful and high quality components or even Ebay for various spare parts.

Here is a list of the exact product labels of some valuable components from Laserwar that you can easily search for on the site:

  1. “Sensors cap – V. 2 – V. 4 Sensors Cap”
  2. “Speakers – Speaker, 8 Ohm, 1 Watt (China)”
  3. “IR diodes – Power Idicator”
  4. “Buttons – Power Button”
  5. “Electronic components – Second Hand Sensor For Cybertag”
  6. “Strikeball parts – Strikeball NiMH Battery Charger 8.4V 250 mA”
  7. “Microswitches – Black Standard Microswitch”
  8. “Electronic components – Coiled Cord, 4 M”
  9. “Others – Connector”
  10. “Buttons – Anti-Vandal Button”
  11. “Buttons – Reload Button”
  12. “Others – Trigger Guard For Laserwar Grenade”
  13. “Electronic components – Connector For Cybertag”
  14. “Buttons – Activation Button For Smart First Aid Kit 2.0”
  15. “Others – Anti-Vandal Lock And Keys”
  16. “Others – Flexible flat cable for LCD display”
  17. “Others – Main Sensor Body”
  18. “Others – Equipment Wire”
  19. “Vibration Motors – Vibration Motor”
  20. “Coiled Cord Protector”

What is Laser Tag? Everything You Need to Know

If you’re new to laser tag, here’s an introduction video to it and you can also check out our ultimate guide on our homepage.

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