Dynasty Laser Tag Gun Not Working: How to Fix It

When dealing with a “Dynasty Laser Tag Gun not working” situation, you’ll likely have to check the probable problem areas like the trigger, reloading system and even just look at the frame. If the issue isn’t externally visible, then you can easily open it up and it might just be a simple short circuit.

Here are some useful resources that explain those issues in detail.

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Reasons for Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Gun Not Working

When using different laser tag brands, you’re likely to encounter many similar problems.

While chatting with Patrick who has been running a laser tag business for the past four years, we got a few interesting insights that might help you understand the likely problem areas and how to sort it out.

Here’s an excerpt of the conversation with Patrick:

You had mentioned that these Nerf products take maybe a year or longer before they break down. What makes them break down?

The biggest problem is the trigger. That’s normally what goes up first. So the trigger stops functioning. And then the reloading system is the other one. Because there’s a way you reload it. There’s a handle that you pull. Also the frames tend to get spoiled after heavy use. But luckily, both of those things are fixable – they don’t need any special parts. You just need to replace the springs and lubricate a bit.

Oh, so it’s just easy to open it up and fix it.

Yeah… very easy to fix.

So, that means when it breaks down it doesn’t mean that you throw it away, you just fix it and get it back.

Yeah, fix it and keep going. 

From that conversation, it’s clear that fixing your damaged blaster will be quite easy.

But if you’ve never tried fixing anything in your life, check out the following video demonstration.

Repair Demonstration

As mentioned earlier, most blasters are quite similar inside, so this Phoenix blaster repair is likely to apply just as well to a “Dynasty laser tag gun not working” situation. (This can be a very simple Dynasty laser tag gun reset strategy.)

The issue can be something as simple as naked wires touching inside the gun, as seen here:

Common Causes of Problems with Electronics in Blasters

As you may already know, blasters are essentially electronic devices.

That means many of the issues that affect electronic devices will likely affect the Dynasty laser tag. According to tempoautomation.com, some common issues include:

  1. Unprotected components:

Oxidation or other contamination may cause premature board and/or component failure.

2. Moisture:

Condensation can affect the board and other component packages.

3. Extreme environments:

Temperature, pressure or corrosion can damage boards and components. Cadence.com further notes that:

“…with temperature changes, you will experience expansion and contraction of the PCB [the circuit board]. These expansions and contractions, in turn, bring about the potential risk of a warped board and damage to solder joints.”

4. Power surges:

Large currents wreak havoc on boards, destroying vulnerable unprotected components.

5. Mechanical strain:

Shock and vibration can crack or break boards, severing component solder joints or pins.

Remember that damage doesn’t have to be intentional to affect your blaster. Even when you’re repairing the device, you can damage it, as stated by emsginc.com:

“The device in question might have been dropped from a great distance. Perhaps it was smacked or hit forcibly by another object? There’s also the possibility that the device was disassembled for whatever reason, and damage happened directly to the board.”

6. End-of-life:

All electronic components have finite operational lifetimes. During the end-of-life (EOL) stage, they are outdated and won’t meet newer performance requirements, leading to premature failure.

7. Counterfeit components:

These are likely to be lower quality and don’t meet the performance criteria that your design needs.

8. Packaging:

Packaging isn’t just about good looks. It also protects your device. Gesrepair.com states that:

“Cracks in the packaging can allow moisture or dust inside, which can short the circuits. Additionally, poor installation of the packaging may damage the wiring inside the electronics.”

9. Poor design:

Just like packaging, design too isn’t just about attractive looks. There’s a lot that can go wrong with poor design as highlighted by emsginc.com:

“…a [design] team may cut corners when designing a board or manufacturing the necessary components. This can result in the poor design and construction of a board, which causes issues later down the line.”

10. Aging battery:

Even if you’re using a rechargeable battery, that too can reach a point when it no longer functions like it’s supposed to. Sparkservices.net highlights a key issue with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries:

“After some time and regular use, the lithium-ion batteries can lose the ability to hold a charge. Some batteries will only last for a fraction of the rated runtime.”

Tools and Components to Repair Your Blaster

In some cases, you may need an assortment of components to replace any faulty or unfixable ones inside the blaster. And you’ll certainly need a bunch of tools.

Components You May Need

Laserwar provides a wide array of useful components as listed below (you can also check through Ebay for various spare parts). We have listed the exact product labels so you can easily search for the items on the site:

  1. “Coiled Cord Protector”
  2. “Electronic components – Second Hand Sensor For Cybertag”
  3. “Buttons – Activation Button For Smart First Aid Kit 2.0”
  4. “Others – Connector”
  5. “IR diodes – Power Idicator”
  6. “Others – Trigger Guard For Laserwar Grenade”
  7. “Electronic components – Connector For Cybertag”
  8. “Speakers – Speaker, 8 Ohm, 1 Watt (China)”
  9. “Vibration Motors – Vibration Motor”
  10. “Microswitches – Black Standard Microswitch”
  11. “Strikeball parts – Strikeball NiMH Battery Charger 8.4V 250 mA”
  12. “Others – Main Sensor Body”
  13. “Electronic components – Coiled Cord, 4 M”
  14. “Buttons – Anti-Vandal Button”
  15. “Buttons – Reload Button”
  16. “Others – Flexible flat cable for LCD display”
  17. “Buttons – Power Button”
  18. “Others – Equipment Wire”
  19. “Sensors cap – V. 2 – V. 4 Sensors Cap”
  20. “Others – Anti-Vandal Lock And Keys”

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Tools You May Need

You’ll certainly need a screwdriver to open up the laser tag gun.

Fortunately, there’s a wide range of options at varying price points on Amazon. Here’s a selection of some of the most popular ones (we have listed the exact product label so you can easily search for them on the site):

  1. “Kaisi 126 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set with 111 Bits Magnetic Driver Kit Professional Electronics Repair Tool Kit for Repair Computer, PC, MacBook, Laptop, Tablet, iPhone, Xbox, Game Console”
  2. “BOSCH 91-Piece Drilling and Driving Mixed Set MS4091”
  3. “Magnetic Screwdriver Set 10 PCS, CREMAX Professional Cushion Grip 5 Phillips and 5 Flat Head Tips Screwdrivers with Case Non-Slip for Repair Home Improvement Craft”
  4. “Klein Tools 32581 Precision Screwdriver Set, 4-in-1 Electronics Screwdriver with Industrial Strength Phillips and Slotted Bits”
  5. “ORIA Precision Screwdriver Kit, 60 in 1 with 56 Bits Screwdriver Set, Magnetic Driver Kit with Flexible Shaft, Extension Rod for Mobile Phone, Smartphone, Game Console, Tablet, PC, Blue”
  6. “BLACK+DECKER Screwdriver Bit Set, 42-Piece (BDA42SD)”
  7. “DEWALT Screwdriver Bit Set with Nut Drivers, 71-Piece (DWMT73808)”
  8. “DEWALT Screwdriver Bit Set, Impact Ready, FlexTorq, 40-Piece (DWA2T40IR)”
  9. “BLACK+DECKER Screwdriver Bit Set / Drill Bit Set, 109-Piece (BDA91109)”
  10. “MulWark 20pc 1/4 Ultra Low Profile Mini Ratchet Wrench Close Quarters Screwdriver Set with High Torque – Right Angle EDC Tool with 90 Degree Mini Offset Reversible Drive Handle & Multi Hex Bits Set”

How Long Does a Laser Tag Last Before It Breaks Down?

Perhaps, you’re worried that your blaster is already too old for repair and not just simply experiencing minor problems. If you know how long it should last before it breaks down, then you wouldn’t need to worry about that.

Besides, even when the blaster reaches its end-of-life stage, you can still fix it and get it back to working order.

Here’s what Patrick, a laser tag business owner, had to say about it:

“On average, we should expect to use it (Armogear blaster) for about eight months or so on average, not quite a full year. The Nerf guns last a very long time. Actually, the quality is very good. Usually we’re fixing it after a year plus. LaserX, on the other hand, within three months already has problems.”

However, note that those durations mentioned by Patrick refer to heavy commercial use conditions, which means the product would likely last even five times longer for light home use.

How Do Laser Tag Guns Work?

Understanding the general working mechanism of laser tag can also help you in fixing several issues.

Here’s a basic history and the working mechanism of such products:

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