Generate Your Own Cool Laser Tag Names That are Unique (2022)

You can generate cool laser tag names using combinations of random cool-sounding adjectives and random cool-sounding nouns. This way, you’ll always have a cool name that’s so unique, no other team would have thought about it.

Here’s how to do it.

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Laser Tag Names Generator for Cool Laser Tag Names


Use our simple online laser tag team name generator, below (simply click the button and get five random laser tag team names each time):

But there’s another option…

Here is a simple way to generate unique names that no other team has out there.

Simply compile two lists of names: one list made of some cool-sounding adjectives and another list of cool-sounding nouns. Then, all you need to do is combine random adjectives from the first list with random nouns from the second list.

When you combine each adjective with each noun, you’ll have an extensive list of interesting names that you can choose from.

Here’s an example of several cool adjective-noun combinations we came up with from two lists:

  1. All Star Maniacs, All Star Amigos, All Star Warriors, All Star Vikings, All Star Mafia, All Star Tribe, All Star Titans, All Star Squad, All Star Inferno, All Star Weapons, All Star Gladiators, All Star Defenders, All Star Rebels, All Star Champions, All Star Outlaws, All Star Ninjas, All Star Bandits, All Star Assassins, All Star Masters
  2. Wild Bandits, Wild Assassins, Wild Masters, Wild Maniacs, Wild Amigos, Wild Warriors, Wild Vikings, Wild Mafia, Wild Tribe, Wild Titans, Wild Squad, Wild Inferno, Wild Weapons, Wild Gladiators, Wild Defenders, Wild Rebels, Wild Champions, Wild Outlaws, Wild Ninjas
  3. Savage Ninjas, Savage Bandits, Savage Assassins, Savage Masters, Savage Maniacs, Savage Amigos, Savage Warriors, Savage Vikings, Savage Mafia, Savage Tribe, Savage Titans, Savage Squad, Savage Inferno, Savage Weapons, Savage Gladiators, Savage Defenders, Savage Rebels, Savage Champions, Savage Outlaws
  4. Extreme Champions, Extreme Outlaws, Extreme Ninjas, Extreme Bandits, Extreme Assassins, Extreme Masters, Extreme Maniacs, Extreme Amigos, Extreme Warriors, Extreme Vikings, Extreme Mafia, Extreme Tribe, Extreme Titans, Extreme Squad, Extreme Inferno, Extreme Weapons, Extreme Gladiators, Extreme Defenders, Extreme Rebels
  5. Young Rebels, Young Champions, Young Outlaws, Young Ninjas, Young Bandits, Young Assassins, Young Masters, Young Maniacs, Young Amigos, Young Warriors, Young Vikings, Young Mafia, Young Tribe, Young Titans, Young Squad, Young Inferno, Young Weapons, Young Gladiators, Young Defenders
  6. Red Defenders, Red Rebels, Red Champions, Red Outlaws, Red Ninjas, Red Bandits, Red Assassins, Red Masters, Red Maniacs, Red Amigos, Red Warriors, Red Vikings, Red Mafia, Red Tribe, Red Titans, Red Squad, Red Inferno, Red Weapons, Red Gladiators
  7. Elite Weapons, Elite Gladiators, Elite Defenders, Elite Rebels, Elite Champions, Elite Outlaws, Elite Ninjas, Elite Bandits, Elite Assassins, Elite Masters, Elite Maniacs, Elite Amigos, Elite Warriors, Elite Vikings, Elite Mafia, Elite Tribe, Elite Titans, Elite Squad, Elite Inferno
  8. Lethal  Squad, Lethal  Inferno, Lethal  Weapons, Lethal  Gladiators, Lethal  Defenders, Lethal  Rebels, Lethal  Champions, Lethal  Outlaws, Lethal  Ninjas, Lethal  Bandits, Lethal  Assassins, Lethal  Masters, Lethal  Maniacs, Lethal  Amigos, Lethal  Warriors, Lethal  Vikings, Lethal  Mafia, Lethal  Tribe, Lethal  Titans
  9. Stealth Tribe, Stealth Titans, Stealth Squad, Stealth Inferno, Stealth Weapons, Stealth Gladiators, Stealth Defenders, Stealth Rebels, Stealth Champions, Stealth Outlaws, Stealth Ninjas, Stealth Bandits, Stealth Assassins, Stealth Masters, Stealth Maniacs, Stealth Amigos, Stealth Warriors, Stealth Vikings, Stealth Mafia
  10. Justice Vikings, Justice Mafia, Justice Tribe, Justice Titans, Justice Squad, Justice Inferno, Justice Weapons, Justice Gladiators, Justice Defenders, Justice Rebels, Justice Champions, Justice Outlaws, Justice Ninjas, Justice Bandits, Justice Assassins, Justice Masters, Justice Maniacs, Justice Amigos, Justice Warriors
  11. Unbeatable Warriors, Unbeatable Vikings, Unbeatable Mafia, Unbeatable Tribe, Unbeatable Titans, Unbeatable Squad, Unbeatable Inferno, Unbeatable Weapons, Unbeatable Gladiators, Unbeatable Defenders, Unbeatable Rebels, Unbeatable Champions, Unbeatable Outlaws, Unbeatable Ninjas, Unbeatable Bandits, Unbeatable Assassins, Unbeatable Masters, Unbeatable Maniacs, Unbeatable Amigos
  12. Wrecking Amigos, Wrecking Warriors, Wrecking Vikings, Wrecking Mafia, Wrecking Tribe, Wrecking Titans, Wrecking Squad, Wrecking Inferno, Wrecking Weapons, Wrecking Gladiators, Wrecking Defenders, Wrecking Rebels, Wrecking Champions, Wrecking Outlaws, Wrecking Ninjas, Wrecking Bandits, Wrecking Assassins, Wrecking Masters, Wrecking Maniacs

All you have to do is sift through the list and pick out whatever name sounds good to you.

But if you want a tool that can do it for you by generating random team names, why not try out this random team name generator:

Cool Code Names for Laser Tag

If you prefer a pre-made list of cool laser tag names, here are some ideas you can try out.

These names might work well for teams and individuals, or even as code names:

  1. The Big Egos
  2. Purple Mafia
  3. Feisty Females
  4. Hellacious Hackers
  5. Gonzo Wolfpack
  6. Team Target
  7. Trojans
  8. Sonic Bone Mash
  9. Four Kings
  10. Close Shave
  11. The Rhythms
  12. Charlie’s Angels
  13. Lords of Absurd
  14. Z Light Admirals
  15. Handymen
  16. The Mob
  17. The Human Targets
  18. Tornadoes
  19. Bromagination
  20. Melodic Execution
  21. Tiger Commandos
  22. Crew of honored
  23. Feigned Anatomy
  24. Titanium
  25. Bloodbath Architects
  26. The Rhythms
  27. Mad Max
  28. Zombie Warfare
  29. Panic Mash
  30. Vague Death Poets
  31. Jokers Wild
  32. Bromania
  33. Beige Overkill
  34. Sinister Epic
  35. Endzone Matter
  36. Desk Demons
  37. Bone Crush Vigor
  38. Kung Fu Pandas
  39. Tyrannosaurus
  40. Former Miss Worlds
  41. Mad Dog
  42. Optimistic Geeks
  43. The AA Book Club
  44. Beer Pressure
  45. Finish Bureau
  46. Stark Imperial

Perhaps, you might even give yourself or your team names based on your favorite movies.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Aliens
  2. Stalker
  3. Dunkirk
  4. The Last Jedi
  5. Harry Potter
  6. The French Connection
  7. Seven Samurai
  8. Apollo 13
  9. Avengers
  10. Metropolis
  11. The Terminator
  12. Captain America
  13. The Winter Soldier
  14. Guardians of the Galaxy
  15. Onward
  16. Apocalypse
  17. Catch Me If You Can
  18. Looper
  19. Captain Marvel
  20. Black Panther
  21. X-Men
  22. Jaws
  23. Casino Royale
  24. Shazam!
  25. Batman
  26. Logan
  27. Chicken Run
  28. Henry V
  29. A Fistful of Dollars
  30. Wonder Woman
  31. Incredibles
  32. Ghostbusters
  33. Paths of Glory
  34. Hunt for the Wilderpeople
  35. Mission Impossible
  36. Iron Man
  37. Robin Hood
  38. Spider-Man
  39. Thor Ragnarok
  40. Back to the Future
  41. Doctor Strange
  42. The Hurt Locker
  43. True Grit
  44. WALL-E
  45. The Fugitive
  46. Coco
  47. Goldfinger
  48. Badlands
  49. Rio Bravo
  50. Moana
  51. Bullitt
  52. Zootopia
  53. King Kong
  54. The Lion King
  55. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  56. The Lord of the Rings
  57. Stagecoach
  58. The Peanut Butter Falcon
  59. John Wick
  60. The Dark Knight
  61. The Force Awakens
  62. Lawrence of Arabia
  63. Blade Runner
  64. Skyfall
  65. Deadpool
  66. The African Queen
  67. Gun Crazy
  68. Guardians of the Galaxy
  69. Aguirre, the Wrath of God
  70. Mad Max
  71. Ant-Man
  72. Baby Driver
  73. Sicario

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Funny Laser Tag Names

If you have a funny bone, a humorous name will do for you.

Here are a few examples that might tickle your fancy:

  1. Scrambled Legs
  2. Straight Cash Homie
  3. Dangerous Dynamos
  4. Forgot to Warm-up
  5. Team Dis
  6. No Game Scheduled
  7. Your Humble League Champ
  8. Game of Drones
  9. Snap, Crackle, Pop
  10. Slumdog Slingers
  11. East of the Equator
  12. Baby Got Track
  13. Pavement Princesses
  14. RazzMaTazz
  15. Our Uniforms Match
  16. EXCEL-erators

Awesome Laser Tag Team Names

Or maybe you just want a name that will take your breath away.

You want something that will make your opponents wish they had thought of that name first. Well, these names just might make you the envy of everyone:

  1. Death Brigade
  2. Endurable Kill Thing
  3. Deathly Crows
  4. Sharp Gang
  5. Skull Take Away
  6. G (Girl) Force
  7. Bringers of Disorder
  8. Yaku Bloodbath
  9. Victory Clan
  10. Team Spray’n Pray
  11. Always Winners
  12. Savage Beauties
  13. Kill Seekers
  14. Tyrannical Teabaggers
  15. Sonic Bone Mash
  16. Last Men Standing
  17. Player Goddess
  18. Dispatched Demons
  19. Trigger Brain Warriors
  20. Fighting Mutants
  21. Evanescent Death Shield
  22. The Curious Clans
  23. Noob Guerrillas
  24. Zombie Busters
  25. Chaos Choosers
  26. Bloodbath Punks
  27. The Killing Savages
  28. Fortnite Fighters
  29. Victorious Squad
  30. Mighty Brawlers
  31. Band of Brothers
  32. Enemy Number One
  33. Skin Crawlers
  34. Kung Fu Pandas
  35. Global Killers
  36. Mute Kill Crusaders
  37. Projectile Heroes
  38. The Grumbling Gangsters
  39. The Psycho Bunch
  40. Kamikaze Serenade
  41. Placid Destroyers
  42. iRobots
  43. Grenade Guys
  44. Thunder Clan
  45. Smush Vikings
  46. Mayhem Monsters
  47. No Mercy Players
  48. Mute Assassins
  49. Thrilled Fighters
  50. Tiger Commando Squad
  51. Immortal Warriors
  52. Player Hustlers
  53. Untamed Warriors
  54. Soul Bloodbath
  55. Sexy Players
  56. All Bruised Up

100+ Laser Tag Company Names

There are a lot of laser tag companies out there, but it can be hard to come up with a good name for your own company.

You want something that is catchy and memorable, but you also need to make sure that it is legal and doesn’t infringe on any other company’s trademarks.

Therefore, this article will help you in the process.

Tips for Creating Laser Tag Company Names

Here are a few tips to help you come up with a great name for your laser tag company:

1. Brainstorm with friends or family.

2. Try to come up with something that is punny/ a play on words.

3. Make sure the name is easy to spell and pronounce.

4. Check to see if the domain name is available.

5. Make sure the name is not too similar to another company’s name.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to come up with great laser tag business names in no time! Good luck!

Ideas for Laser Tag Business Names

To give you some inspiration, here are some random as well as popular laser tag company names:

  1. Laser Blazer
  2. Laser Quest
  3. Glow in the Dark Games
  4. Neon Nights
  5. Starlight Adventures
  6. Galaxy Gaming
  7. Laser Maze
  8. Intergalactic Fun
  9. Outer Space Odyssey
  10. Stardust Arcade
  11. Time Warp Games
  12. Battle City Laser Tag
  13. Laser Quest
  14. Zone Laser Tag
  15. Ultimate Laser Tag
  16. BlasterTag
  17. Delta Strike Laser Games
  18. Galaxy Multi Rides & Games
  19. Lasertag Adventure
  20. Lazer Blaze
  21. Playtime Universe
  22. Quasar Elite
  23. Starlight Express
  24. The Battle Dome
  25. The LazerPort Fun Center
  26. Time Warp
  27. Ultrazone
  28. Zero Gravity Lazer Maze & Arcade
  29. ZONE28 LaserTag
  30. Zoomba
  31. Zyplex games
  32. Fun City
  33. Lockdown
  34. Strike Action Entertainment Complex
  35. PhotonZ
  36. Lightstrike by Zone Lasertag
  37. Starland Sports & Entertainment Complex
  38. Sky Jumper Trampoline Park
  39. Universal Lasertag
  40. Warped Sportz
  41. Laserforce
  42. Lazer mania
  43. Raptortag
  44. Boomerz
  45. Extreme
  46. Xtreme Craze
  47. Funtime Inflatables & Laser Tag
  48. Scene75 Entertainment Centers
  49. Just For Fun Watercraft Rentals & Laser Tag
  50. Andy’s Summer Playland Water Slides & Laser Tag
  51. Pump It Up Party Zone
  52. Skate world Family Fun Center & Laser Tag
  53. Andover Lanes Family Entertainment Center
  54. -Launch Trampoline Park
  55. The Arena Sports Complex & Laser Tag
  56. Frankies Fun Park Family Entertainment Centers
  57. Elite Laser Tag & Arcade
  58. The Funplex Indoor Amusement Park & Water Park
  59. Airheads Arena
  60. Monkey Joe’s Indoor Play Centers

More Laser Tag Arena Names

Here are even more names for your laser tag arena:

  1. Main Event Entertainment
  2. Boomer’s Family Entertainment Centers
  3. Gattitown
  4. Laserland
  5. Ultrazone
  6. Playdium
  7. Funtime Bowl & Entertainment Centers
  8. Kids Time Family Entertainment Center
  9. Castle Park Family Entertainment Centers
  10. Palace Entertainment
  11. Dave & Buster’s Arcades
  12. Mountasia Family Fun Center
  13. Typhoon Texas
  14. Boondocks Food & Fun
  15. Monkey Island Adventure Golf & Laser Tag
  16. G-Force
  17. Andretti Indoor Karting & Games
  18. Playtime Playgrounds
  19. Glo Golf Mini Golf & Laser Tag
  20. Battle Quip
  21. Beam me Up
  22. Boogie Down
  23. Captivate
  24. Defend the Galaxy
  25. Diversion
  26. Exodus
  27. Fire it up
  28. Ignite
  29. Invasion
  30. Laser BEAM
  31. Light show
  32. Neon nights
  33. Outlawz
  34. Renagadez
  35. Showtime
  36. Supreme
  37. Thrill ride
  38. Zero hour
  39. Zombie apocalypse
  40. Atomic
  41. Cyberzone
  42. Delta force
  43. Game over
  44. Laser maniax
  45. Laser quest
  46. Lazer runner
  47. Photon
  48. Xtreme action park & laser tag
  49. Zap zone
  50. Zone 28
  51. Zyplex games & laser tag
  52. Arena 51
  53. Battle house
  54. Battlegroundz live action gaming
  55. Blaster Tag
  56. Boomer’s
  57. Defiance games
  58. Elite laser tag & arcade
  59. Frankies fun park family entertainment centers
  60. High Voltage Indoor laser tag
  61. Family fun center
  62. Glo-Quarterz
  63. Glow in the dark mini golf & laser tag
  64. Gulliver’s gate
  65. Happy landings helicopter tours & laser tag
  66. Hobbytown USA
  67. Incredible Company
  68. Gattitown
  69. Hollywood lights laser tag & arcade
  70. John’s incredible company
  71. Kids quest & cyber quest
  72. Atomic tron
  73. Ballistic battlezone
  74. Blasteroids
  75. Dark matterz
  76. Frontline attack
  77. Galactic storm
  78. Invasion earth
  79. Laser fury
  80. Photon force
  81. Planet z
  82. Raze the roof
  83. Sector 8
  84. Star battle
  85. The last stand
  86. Time crisis
  87. UFO attack
  88. Warhammer 40k
  89. Zombie apocalypse
  90. Tombstone express
  91. Warp speed
  92. Z.E.R.O
  93. Zone

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