Get Paid to Share Your Experience Playing Laser Tag

Hi, is dedicated to offering genuine reviews.

Therefore, we want to interview anyone who has played laser tag, so that we can share with our audience your real-life experiences of using specific types of blasters or playing in specific arenas.

These are the basic requirements:

  • We will select specific people (out of those who express interest in being interviewed), based on location, blasters used or arenas visited. We do this, in order to get diverse opinions (for transparency, we will publish all the responses — without personally identifying details — to show the responses we picked and those we didn’t pick).
  • We will request for some form of proof that you played laser tag, such as an arena ticket, video, or picture.
  • We will interview you on a recorded video chat for 1 (one) hour regarding your experience related to laser tag (we will only use the audio from the video chat in the content for

Basically, we want genuine feedback, whether positive or negative, of your experience playing laser tag.

We can hold the interview directly through Zoom and thereafter, we’ll pay you $50 for the one-hour interview through PayPal; or we can do it through Upwork’s escrow payment protection.

Generally, we’ll ask questions regarding your experience in:
– using laser tag equipment (which equipment brand that you used, is it easy or hard to use, what was the process of using it…)
– any problems with the laser tag equipment (did it require repair, was it easy to repair, was it durable…)
– playing laser tag (which games you played, how do you play the games, was it enjoyable or complicated…)
– [optional questions for business owners] running a laser tag business (challenges, is it costly, what makes it succeed…)

We’ll ask random questions based on those general topics and you’ll be free to answer any question that you can, based on your experience. Your answers don’t have to be accurate or correct, just a genuine answer based on your experience.

Based on your preference, we can either use the recorded video, audio and transcripts from the interview for content on, or we’ll use only the transcripts from the interview in various posts on

Based on your preference, we will either credit you as the source (including featuring you or your business on this “Contributors” page) or keep you anonymous.

Fill in the form below if you’re interested in the interview:

What is Laser Tag? Everything You Need to Know

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