Clever Ways to Improve Indoor Laser Tag

You can easily improve indoor laser tag by being smart about your weapon-mode choices – not just using rocket mode recklessly. And why not just choose a game that will last long enough for you to enjoy the experience – you certainly don’t want the excitement to end in seconds.

Read on to find out how you can do all this and more.

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Make Smart Weapon Choices

Laser tag guns that have different weapon modes can give you a winning edge if used smartly.

Here’s an excerpt of a chat we had with Patrick, a laser tag business owner, about choosing the right weapon:

How long does it take to finish a game? Is it like a few seconds and you’re done?

Well, you know the thing about Armogear is that it has different types of weapons within the gun. So there are some like the pistol which don’t take a full life. They’ll take like half of one life per shot [players have more than one life per game]. So you have to shoot somebody many times. But then you can have a shotgun which will take one whole life. You can have a rocket which will take all three at once. So each player can defend their tactics.

But now let’s say you use a rocket. Does that decrease your life or does it have an effect?

No it doesn’t decrease your life but it’s slow. So you shoot once and you have to wait, you know, 20, 30 seconds before you can shoot again. So, in that time you can easily be shot yourself.

Okay, yeah, because I was wondering if I’m given the choice to use a rocket, I’ll just use a rocket throughout. But, let’s say normally how long does it take like if there’s a group of players who have started playing and there’s no time limit, how long does it take for the game to end like for everyone maybe to lose their lives?

Usually a maximum of 20 minutes at most, but normally it is 10 minutes to 15.

Okay that’s quite long.

Choose a Game That Can Last Longer

If you want to have fun for a long time, you can simply choose the right game.

As we talked with Patrick about game choice, we got these valuable insights:

How long is the duration of play?

It depends a lot on where they’re playing and what type of game. Certain games take longer. If it’s a free-for-all death match where it’s everybody against everybody, in a few minutes it’s over. But if it’s teams where they can protect each other, some people can hide… those take a bit longer.

Okay, yeah, because I’ve been seeing videos and I usually see the guys are just shooting each other like 20 shots at a time and I’m thinking this game will just end in a second.

General Tips to Improve Indoor Laser Tag

There’s a bunch of many more useful tips to improve your game.

In this video, you’ll get some ideas on how to strategize during the game, the best way to wear the vest, how to navigate through the arena and much more:

Here are some more useful ideas to consider:

  1. Keep moving: If you have to stand still, find a good vantage point to snipe from; otherwise, walk, run, and roll because it is harder to get hit when moving.
  2. Understand your surroundings: Learn the arena layout and scout out locations for excellent vantage points, and open areas to avoid, or even potential “rest” areas.
  3. Focus on quantity not quality: If you are not a trained sniper, you’ll collect more points shooting at random targets instead of pausing to line up accurate shots.
  4. Move sideways: To protect yourself, move sideways: Your shoulder leads the way while your head turns towards it. This minimizes the area for oncoming players to shoot at.
  5. Wear dark, comfortable clothes: In dark arenas, avoid light colors, especially white. Wear all-black clothes with comfortable black shoes so you can easily duck, run, crouch, jump, and even roll.

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Improve the Indoor or Outdoor Laser Tag Arena

Adding new features to the arena can definitely make things even more exciting.

Perhaps, players are already used to the existing arena and they have probably memorized every single spot. Shifting things around or adding more features will make the game more challenging and exciting.

Laserwar offers a range of inflatable figures that you can add to your arena, including:

  1. big briquettes
  2. small temples
  3. cakes
  4. fortresses
  5. bridges
  6. small pyramids
  7. windows
  8. large barrels
  9. big walls
  10. big temples
  11. m-smalls
  12. m-large (lateral part)
  13. m-large (center)
  14. cones
  15. m-large (sets)
  16. cubes
  17. beams
  18. small walls
  19. doorways
  20. small briquettes
  21. big bridges
  22. hedgehogs
  23. turns
  24. segments
  25. wins
  26. jellyfish small
  27. small barrels
  28. wedges
  29. wings
  30. x-figures
  31. sport 3 playing field of inflatable figures
  32. tactical playing field of inflatable figures
  33. knees
  34. small walls
  35. big pyramids
  36. small cakes
  37. jellyfish

Get a High Quality Blaster

Combine your skill improvements with equipment upgrades to up your game to the next level.

If your tagger has limited functionality, you don’t know what you’re missing out on by not getting the most advanced features that include software integrations to track team scores and real-time game stats.

Such advanced features are typically found in phasers from well-known brands such as:


Improve Laser Tag with the Right Attire

The right attire can help you improve your game, as elaborated below.

Should You Wear White to Laser Tag?

According to, the ideal color of your clothing would be dark colors which don’t glow. Therefore, you shouldn’t wear white to call attention to yourself, since the aim of the game is to avoid getting hit.

That also means not wearing any bright colors like Alice blue, azure, floral white, beige, cream, antique white, alabaster, blanched almond, eggshell, champagne, bisque, champagne pink, cotton candy, almond, cherry blossom pink, blond, baby pink, cameo pink, Dutch white, apricot, carnation pink, aero blue, beau blue, and Columbia blue.

Can You Wear Jeans to Laser Tag? suggests that you should select any darker-colored jeans, or you can also pick out shorts, baggy pants, and even leggings. The main aim is to wear something that you feel most comfortable in. Therefore, tight jeans will likely be a big no-no.

Since you’ll be quite active when playing, try to wear breathable fabric like: cotton, nylon, polyester, rayon, linen, silk, and merino wool. Just make sure not to wear expensive clothes which can get torn or worn out during game play.

What Do Girls Wear to Laser Tag? insists that ladies should avoid wearing sandals and heels. Instead, a good pair of shoes would be sneakers, but boots also work well.

Obviously, that also means your dressing should be comfortable: not too tight or too lose. A pair of pants and a top should do the trick.

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