Surprising Laser Tag Regulations and Laws (2021)

Laser tag regulations are generally safety rules for a free-flowing game experience. And laser tag laws typically apply to the realistic models which may be completely banned in places like Washington DC. Or the laws may require markings using bright colors in states like New York and California.

Read on to find out the specific requirements that apply.

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General Safety Rules in Laser Tag

When playing, certain laser tag regulations apply.

These are generally rules which you must always follow to ensure the safety of all players and a free-flowing game experience.

Laser Tag Safety Rules 2

Several key rules indicated by, include:

  1. Obey the attendants’ instructions

It’s crucial that everyone follows the instructions from attendants; otherwise, there’ll be total chaos. This is especially important for large teams and managing young kids. Small groups of adults will likely have no problem organizing themselves properly.

  1. Don’t run, climb or crawl

Running around at high speeds can lead to injuries in case you bump into your teammates or opponents or even hit some of the obstacles within the arena. Climbing can also lead to injuries since most arena structures aren’t designed to withstand heavy loads. They are typically just obstacles.

Crawling can be risky in dark indoor arenas since teammates might knock you out accidentally just because they didn’t see you on the ground.

  1. No physical contact allowed or using foul language

If physical contact was allowed, it would only be a matter of time before someone realizes that he/ she can simply hold an opponent while shooting so the opponent can’t hide.

Such games do get very competitive and things can turn pretty ugly if players are allowed to use foul language. Just look at how things go in competitive team sports like soccer or even tennis.

On that note, wouldn’t it be interesting if laser tag became a competitive sport featured in the Olympics?

  1. Keep both of your hands on the blaster always

Basically, that’s the best way to handle guns in real life. It only makes sense that you develop the right skills using your blaster. Besides, this will help you get the best aim and make accurate shots every time.

  1. Don’t block your vest sensors

The same applies to blocking sensors on guns. Fair play requires everyone to have an equal chance of hitting the target so that the winner is the player who has the best accuracy.

As a sign of good sportsmanship, you should also notify others if your vest sensor isn’t working properly too.

  1. No Bullying allowed

Every sport frowns on bullying. If you hold a grudge against someone why not settle it by competing.

For newbies, it may be useful to learn about the basics of how the game is played, as illustrated in the following video:

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Laws against Realistic Laser Tag Guns

In certain cases, you may not get the privilege of using tactical laser tag guns that look like realistic guns.

Based on the existing laser tag regulations, your country or state may prohibit such models, and you may have to settle for the brands that clearly look like toys.

Here’s a conversation we had with Patrick, a laser tag business owner, concerning such laws:

I had a list of the highest priced brands and they are products from Laser Blast, iCombat and the other one, I don’t know the brand name but their website is called I don’t know if I’ve heard about those. Oh, these are the Falcon laser tags. Yes, I know them.

Oh, they are called Falcon?


Did you try them out?

Yeah, unfortunately, you know in Kenya you can’t import anything that looks too much like an actual gun. So, these ones were considered too close to actual guns to be imported.

Oh, you can’t import it?

You can’t import because it’s a very big problem to bring anything that looks… you know it’s painted black, it has sights, the trigger and everything. You know it looks like a rifle – that one can’t work. So we need to bring something that looks very much like a toy, then that one the government will allow.

Okay, maybe the same restrictions apply even in other countries or is it just Kenya?

Yes, it’s possible. I think Kenya is a bit of a unique place. But I think around Africa generally too. Uganda is much easier…  I know Uganda they don’t have a problem… but here, they are very strict. 

Okay, maybe just the developing countries. Maybe the developed nations don’t have such an issue.

Yeah, I’m sure the developed nations don’t have a problem. I mean they manufacture them.

Yeah, although I hear Germany is a bit strict. Germany – they have some strict laws about guns. If you watch a YouTube channel called JoergSprav on YouTube, he talks about their gun laws and the guy builds crossbows because guns are banned there. So he’s making crossbows. He’s teaching his fellow Germans how to make crossbows.

Legal Issues Regarding Laser Tag

Laser Tag Regulations and Laws

Different laws on blasters apply to different countries and states.

For the United States, states that,

“Under federal law, laser tag taggers are not classified as firearms because they don’t use spring or compressed air and are legal for all ages… But we do not recommend that people under the age of 18 buy taggers without parental consent.”

If your tagger looks like a real firearm, you can add an orange tip that’s at least 6 mm (0.24 in.) on the barrel or the following markings:

  1. An orange barrel plug
  2. A brightly colored exterior
  3. Transparent construction

So, which regulations govern the use of laser taggers?

Such products are subject to:

This is applicable across the United States.

This is applicable within California, indicating that the exterior of imitation firearms should be mostly or fully white, bright orange, bright red, bright yellow, bright blue, bright green, bright purple or bright pink. Alternatively, it should be transparent or translucent, to reveal the device’s complete contents.

That’s why many blasters look the way they do. If you thought it was all about special branding choices or simply design styles, you now know the real reason why. Moreover, you can see why you may have a challenge getting certain brands within California.

This applies to New York City, indicating that realistic toys should have bright colors plus coated plastic.

Take this into consideration in case you’re planning on modifying your blaster.

Similar laws apply in Arkansas, but in Washington DC, such replica guns are considered illegal.

What this means is that you’ll generally be quite fine buying blasters that clearly look like toys in nearly every state and country. Challenges only arise if you’re purchasing tactical laser tags that look like actual guns.

Extra Resources That can Help You

Now that you understand the laser tag regulations and applicable laws, you may need to find out more about game play.

Here are some useful resources.

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How Long can You Play Laser Tag?

As stated by, a game can last for 15 minutes on average, but there’s a lot of variation depending on whether you’re playing in an indoor arena (typically a short duration of 3 or 5 minutes) or outdoors (lasting 30 minutes or longer). It might even go on for several hours, in some tactical events.

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