Can You Play Laser Tag Outside?

outdoor laser tag

Yes, laser tag works outside.

Many blasters are designed for outdoor use like ArmoGear and Kolegend. Moreover, a good number of blasters have a long shooting range for large outside spaces like the Laser X revolution ultra long-range double blasters with 500 feet of range.

Here’s a more detailed evaluation of blasters that work for outdoor laser tag.

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Many Laser Tag Guns are Specifically Designed for Outdoors

Many blasters are specifically designed for both outdoor and indoor use, as listed below:

  1. ArmoGear – four pack
  2. ArmoGear rechargeable
  3. Laser X double sports blaster
  4. Nerf official: phoenix LTX tagger 2-pack
  5. Kolegend set
  6. Kidzlane gun
  7. play22 gun
  8. Squad hero
  9. Pokonboy phasers
  10. Kidpal infrared
  11. Best choice products set of 4
  12. Brx rifle

Many Laser Tag Guns Have a Long Range

Outdoor laser tag in very large open spaces is possible using long-range blasters as listed below.

Laser X revolution 4 players set

Range 300 ft

Revolution complete blaster set 2 player

Range 300 ft

Laser X 88016 original blaster double set

200 ft

Laser X double sports blaster

200′ Range

Laser X – 88016 original four player gaming set

200’ range

Laser X long-range blaster

long-range scope 400FT

Laser X single player gaming set

200′ away

Laser X revolution ultra long-range double blasters

500 ft

Laser X evolution double blasters

300 ft away

Brx rifle

500 ft

Many Arena Features Available for Outdoor Play Areas

Arena features made of inflatable components can turn a wide empty space into an obstacle course for hiding and tagging games.

Here are some examples of inflatable figures from

  1. Big bridge
  2. Small cake
  3. Window-2
  4. Big temple
  5. Beam
  6. Segment
  7. Tactical playing field of inflatable figures
  8. M-large (set)
  9. Big wall
  10. Jellyfish
  11. Sport 5/9 playing field of inflatable figures
  12. Cone
  13. Small briquette
  14. Wing
  15. Large barrel
  16. Jellyfish small
  17. Big pyramid
  18. Hedgehog
  19. Junior playing field of inflatable figures
  20. Knee
  21. Small temple
  22. Small wall -2
  23. Cake
  24. M-small
  25. Fortress
  26. Sport 3 playing field of inflatable figures
  27. Small pyramid
  28. Doorway-2
  29. Big briquette
  30. M-large (lateral part)
  31. Wedge
  32. Turn
  33. Small wall
  34. Cube
  35. Bridge
  36. X-figure
  37. Win
  38. Window
  39. Doorway
  40. Small barrel
  41. M-large (center)

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So, Does Laser Tag Work Outside?

While there are several things to take into account when playing outdoors, the answer is generally, yes — it can work outside.

You just need to find an area that’s shady with few obstacles, and be aware of the weather conditions and other possible sources of interference. Be sure to dress appropriately and bring extra batteries in case of emergencies.

Can the Sun Affect the Infrared Light from Laser Tag Guns?

Blasters emit infrared light that is about 940 nanometers wide, meaning it’s only visible to the human eye in a limited spectrum. The sun emits infrared light as well at around wavebands longer than 760 nm up to 1 mm.  This means that if there is a lot of sunlight, the phaser’s signal could be drowned out and rendered inoperative.

If you’re looking to play outdoors on a sunny day, try finding an area with heavy shade or trees. This will help to block out some of the sun’s infrared light and give your blaster a better chance of working. Just be sure to avoid playing near reflective surfaces as they can also bounce the blaster’s signal back at you and interfere with gameplay.

Dealing with Obstacles Outdoors

While playing outdoors, you’ll also need to take into account any obstacles that may be in the way. Trees, bushes and other objects can easily block the infrared signal from your phaser.

This means you’ll have to play on an open field if you want your phaser’s signal to reach your opponents. If there are too many obstacles in the way, it can become difficult for some players.

Weather Conditions Outdoors

Another thing to consider when playing outdoors is the weather.

If it’s raining or snowing, the conditions may not be ideal. Make sure you dress appropriately for the weather and that your equipment can withstand the elements.

As far as the guns themselves go, a brief rainstorm should not affect them, but you may want to bring along an umbrella or a tent in case the weather gets worse. If you’re going out for a full day of laser tag , it’s also wise to buy multiple sets of batteries just in case one set dies during play

Does Rain Affect Infrared Light from Laser Tag Guns?

The answer to this question is yes.

The raindrops will scatter the infrared light in unpredictable directions. So there is no way for you to know where the person in the rain with an infrared-equipped gun might shoot at.

You will need to find a way to shield or cover your equipment completely when it rains in order for it to work properly.

Does Fog Affect Infrared Light from Laser Tag Guns?

Just as raindrops scatter light, fog will do the same.

This means you’ll need to take extra precautions when playing in foggy conditions. It is not recommended that you play in the rain or in fog. The infrared signal could be hindered by such weather conditions making it difficult for players.

Does Moonlight Affect Infrared Light from Laser Tag Guns?

Moonlight will not have much of an effect on infrared light from blasters.

Since the amount of infrared light from the moon is very small, it is not likely to cause any interference with gameplay.

You should still be aware of your surroundings; however, as there may be other lights present that could affect the phaser’s signal.

Does Artificial Light Affect Infrared Light from Laser Tag Guns?

Artificial lights may have an effect on phasers equipped with infrared technology.

Keep this in mind when you are playing at night or if there are artificial lights nearby, such as streetlights or lamps. These sources can throw off the signal from your blaster and interfere with gameplay.

If your phasers are operating on infrared, you should avoid playing near lit streets or anywhere that has a lot of artificial lights.

Take note that visible colors of different light sources have different wavelengths. This means that light colors with wavelengths closer to 940 nanometers are more likely to affect your blaster’s beam:

  1. Violet – shortest wavelengths from 400 to 420 nanometers
  2. Indigo – 420 to 440 nm
  3. Blue – 440 to 490 nm
  4. Green – 490 to 570 nm
  5. Yellow – 570 to 585 nm
  6. Orange – 585 to 620 nm
  7. Red – longest wavelength, from 620 – 780 nanometers

Therefore, red light sources will have a higher chance of affecting your blaster than blue light sources.

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