What is the Range of Laser Tag Guns? (30+ Blasters Evaluated) (2021)

Range of Laser Tag Guns

So, how far do laser tag guns shoot?

After evaluating the features of 30+ blasters, we found that many laser tag guns have a range of 200 feet, but some have shooting ranges as low as 100 feet, while the longest ranges can go as high as 550 feet or more (even 1,000 feet is achievable).

Each blaster offers unique ranges and features for different users as indicated in this evaluation of 30+ blasters.

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Laser Tag Guns Range

Ranges of Laser Tag Guns

Here’s a list of 30+ blasters with their respective maximum shooting ranges:

  1. ArmoGear blaster – 150 to 200 ft.
  2. ArmoGear Infrared Guns and Vests – 150 to 200 ft.
  3. ArmoGear Rechargeable Guns & Vests – 150 to 200 ft.
  4. Laser X Micro Blaster Double Set – 100 ft.
  5. Laser X Revolution 4 Players Set – 300 ft.
  6. Revolution Complete Blaster – 300 ft.
  7. Laser x 88016 Original Blaster Double Set – Maximum range of 200 ft.
  8. Laser X Double Sports Blaster – 200 ft.
  9. Laser X – 88016 ORIGINAL – 200 ft.
  10. Laser X Long Range Blaster – 400 ft.
  11. Laser X Single Player Gaming Set – 200 ft.
  12. Laser X Revolution – 500 ft.
  13. Laser X Evolution Double Blasters – 300 ft.
  14. Kolegend Set – 130 ft.
  15. Kidzlane Gun – 130 ft.
  16. Play22 Gun – 130 ft.
  17. POKONBOY Guns with Vests – 150 ft.
  18. Kidpal Infrared – 130 ft.
  19. Best Choice Products – 130 ft.
  20. MESIXI blaster – 130 ft.
  21. USA Toyz phaser – 130 ft.
  22. VATOS Infrared Gun Set for Kids and Adults with Vests – 100 ft.
  23. Brx Riflev – Incredible range over 550 ft. in full sunlight.
  24. TINOTEEN Guns Set with Vests – 150 ft.
  25. LUKAT blaster – 150 ft.
  26. Soyee Set – 15 ft. to 130 ft.
  27. Liberty Imports Infrared – 132 ft.
  28. YASITY Guns. Upgraded New Version – Designed for battles up to 150 ft. The vests come in four different colors.
  29. COFUNX Set for Kids & Adults – Maximum of 150 ft. and best range over 160 ft.
  30. Ryan’s World for Kids – Up to a 100 ft.
  31. HIPHOPTOY 2-Player Kids Game with Flying Drone Target – 130 ft.

Apart from the home blasters, commercial brands can have a range of up to 1,000 feet or more. That’s why such phasers are used in military tactical games. They resemble real-life guns far better than paintball or airsoft blasters.

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Where Can You Use Long-Range Laser Tag Guns?

While many home blasters have a range of 200 feet or less, there are commercial blasters that can shoot up to 550 feet or more. These long-range phasers are perfect for use in large outdoor spaces, like parks or open fields.

Businesses, like amusement parks or family fun centers, use long-range blasters to add an extra level of excitement and challenge to their attractions. Outdoor resorts and campgrounds can also benefit from having long-range phasers available for guests to use.

They are also useful in a tactical or military setting, where accuracy and stealth is important.

Because of their size, long-range phasers are not typically recommended for use in indoor settings. However, there are some exceptions. If you have a large, open indoor space like a warehouse or gymnasium, then a long-range blaster could be a great option. Just be sure to check the space’s dimensions to make sure it is big enough to accommodate the blaster’s range.

Where Can You Use Short-Range Laser Tag Guns?

Short-range phasers are useful for indoor games.

They typically have a range of about 150 feet. This should be more than enough for most indoor games. It makes them ideal for use in small spaces, such as your home or a nearby park.

How to Improve Range and Accuracy of Laser Tag Guns

The gun that you use should be accurate enough that you can hit your opponent. And the range will determine how far away you can fire and still hit your target.

If you are looking for greater accuracy and range, purchase a good model with strong batteries and effective infrared emissions. You can choose a blaster with an additional long-distance sight, as this will help you aim accurately even at a distance.

Additionally, make sure that you are holding the gun correctly and that your sights are lined up properly. Then, practice using it frequently so that you can become more familiar with its handling and shooting characteristics.

You can also reduce beam divergence using accuracy scopes. These scopes help to focus the laser beam and improve accuracy.

Plus, make sure that you are using fresh batteries and that the lens is clean and free of dirt or dust.

By following these tips, you can improve the accuracy and range for a more enjoyable laser tag experience.

How to Test the Range and Accuracy of a Laser Tag Gun

To test the range, take your gun and shoot it at a target that’s far away. Make sure to keep track of how many shots it takes to hit the target. To test the accuracy, shoot at a target that’s close by. Make sure to measure the distance between the gun and the target.

The range of a blaster can be tested by shooting at a target and measuring the distance between the point where the beam touches the target and where it was shot from. Make sure to keep track of how many shots it takes to hit the target, to judge the accuracy of your shots.

While this is not 100% accurate, as various factors can affect the beam’s trajectory, it will give you a general idea of how far your blaster can shoot.

Do You Get Longer Range at Night Compared to the Daytime

There is no definitive answer to this question since it will likely depend on the specific blaster that is being used and the lighting conditions of the environment.

However, in general, blasters are likely to have a longer range at night than during the day, as there will be less interference from natural light. This means that you will be able to hit your target more easily in low-light conditions. Keep in mind, however, that this can vary depending on the specific environmental situation. For example, if there is fog or smoke in the air, the blaster will likely lose some of its range.

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